Samasta Micro Finance
Samasta Micro Finance
Samasta Microfinance Limited began operations in March 2008 with an aim to provide financial services to the financially weaker sections in the southern and western states of India.
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Samasta_geographical map
Geographic Reach
Samasta sets up its
operations in four districts
of Karnataka
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Loan Portfolio , Aug 2017
No of Branches 88
No of Centers 24111
No of Members 212750
No of FWO's 696
Loan Dis Details
Samasta 50,78,05,340
BC Portfolio 15,41,30,000
Cumulative Loan Disbursement 66,19,35,340
Loan Outstanding Details
Samasta 27021,37,436
Yes Bank (BC) 3951,81,571
IDBI Bank(BC) 943,71,593
IIFL 4907,50,822
Cumulative Loan Disbursement 36824,41,422
I used to borrow money from a local money lender at high interest rate to sustain my family. I don’t depend on the money lender any more.
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