Samasta Micro Finance
Case Studies
Samasta’s success stories narrate how women have succeeded in overcoming impossible odds with the help of microfinance. These women most often are found working as domestic helps, wage earners in factories, fruit vendors, running small tailoring units & petty shops, beedi rolling, etc. They were borrowing heavily from local money lenders at very high interest rates. While they service the interest component of these loans, they sink deeper into debt on account of not being able to mobilize the principal money for repayment.

After Samasta began extending assistance in the form of microfinance, these women were not only able to come out of their debts but also used the loan amount for various profit-making activities to lead a sustained livelihood.

Hassena, 33, availed her first loan of Rs. 7500 from Samasta and invested it in setting up a small business selling aluminium utensils. She availed a second loan of Rs. 15,000 and used the money to open a petty shop in her house. The loans have enabled her to earn an income to support her family giving them a new lease of life.
Shanthi, 40, lives in a joint family and her husband has not had a stable job till date. She had been living out of loans borrowed from local money lenders to sustain her family, provide medical attention to her ailing mother-in-law and to educate her children. While today her borrowings from the money lenders have been repaid, she hopes that the Samasta loan will help her husband start a fruit stall. Her children are toppers in school and her only dream is to give all she can to ensure her children have a better life.
Victoria, 49, was selling fruits on the roadside. She used her first loan from Samasta to set up a fruit stall in the market place. She availed a second loan and invested it in her grandchildren’s education. Her dream is to give good education to her grandchildren. She is happy that it’s been fulfilled through Samasta and she is grateful to the organization for the support.
Nasima, is using her second loan towards an advance for her family's new business. She takes pride as she explains how gratified she is to be able to contribute so significantly to the family. Her hope of moving her children to better and more comfortable accommodation is now being realized.
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