Samasta Micro Finance
Health & Welfare
At Samasta, we emphasize on the importance of the health and welfare of our members as we believe this is the key to a sustained growth of the individual and the society at large. Various loans have been introduced for the benefit of the members enabling them to earn a livelihood and lead a better quality of life.
Water Purifier Loan
Waterborne diseases can have a significant impact on the economy, locally as well as internationally. People who are infected by waterborne diseases are usually confronted with related costs and with a huge financial burden. This is especially the case in low income communities. The financial losses are mostly caused by costs for medical treatment and medication, costs for transport, special food, and by the loss of manpower. Many families even sell their valuables to pay for treatment in a proper hospital. On an average, a family spends about 10% of the monthly household income per person infected.

Samasta in tieup with Hindustan Unilever Limited ( HUL ) introduces water purifier loan to ensure that the members benefit from consuming safe drinking water using household water treatment and safe storage products.
Cattle Loan
To support the livelihood & welfare of the small farmers, Samasta Microfinance has introduced Samasta Cattle Loan. The main objective of this loan is to help the members purchase cattle and enable to earn a regular income. The procedures to obtain the loan have been made simple and repayment too is easy and convenient.

Samasta Cattle Loan is primarily given to milk producers registered with the Milk Society for more than 6 months and owns a dairy breed cow.
Induction Stove & Induction Stove Utensils Loan
Induction stove is faster, safer, easier, and more efficient than either the gas or the electric stove.

Samasta in tie-up with TTK Prestige Ltd., provides loans to promote the energy saving, pollution free and economical products to its members.

**All the Third Party Products are sold with 100% consent of the members only.
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