Samasta Micro Finance
Nature of Work
Samasta follows the Grameen Model & Business correspondent model in rendering its services to the target audience. Samasta works mostly in urban and semi-urban areas, but also has its presence in rural areas.

To begin with, Samasta identifies communities consisting of women of low income segment of the society and who have the ability to generate income through various activities. Once identified, Joint Liability Groups are formed for the purpose of extending financial assistance in the form of micro loans. The loans offered by Samasta are used by these Joint Liability Groups to start new businesses or to improve the existing business activity. This has enabled women to earn a regular income for the family and lead a self-sustainable life.

Members repay money on a Monthly basis towards the loan availed. If the repayment for the first loan has been found to be consistent, a second loan can also be availed, if required.

Samasta has set up offices in urban and semi-urban areas to reach out to the people in an efficient and cost-effective manner. With the success of the services offered, Samasta has grown significantly with operations in Karnataka, Tamilnadu & Maharastra.

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