Samasta Micro Finance
Vision & Mission
Inspired by the success stories of microfinance to alleviate debt, in particular the work of Nobel winner Prof. Muhammed Yunus in Bangladesh, we set up Samasta Microfinance to drive social change among the urban and rural poor in South India. We believe that the participation of the private sector in social development can ensure transparency in governance, which is essential for transformation in the grassroots level.
Our Vision

To be a valued partner of the financially weaker section, appreciated for our role in creating opportunities and admired for our organizational model.
Our Mission

Samasta Microfinance aims to bridge the gap between ambition and achievement of the working poor across India, by providing financial and non-financial services, in a sustainable long-term relationship to enable a better quality of life.
The broad objectives of Samasta Microfinance are:
  • To forge long-term partnerships and foster innovative business practices to form the bridge between ideation and achievement.
  • To work with the poor in India who are creative entrepreneurs, value-demanding consumers and innovative business partners, by means of a robust microfinance model leading to the creation of businesses and markets which mutually benefit Samasta Microfinance and the poor communities in India.
  • To provide both financial and non-financial products to the economically poor to improve their standard of living.
  • To operate in the supply chain domain and offer manpower training, and industry-specific vocational training programs.
  • To engage in private-public partnerships in rural and urban markets with a focus on supplementing income generation activities with the application of appropriate technology.
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