Samasta Micro Finance
Women Empowerment
Women from financially weaker section are generally denied credit from mainstream banking services, thus hindering their financial growth prospects and a sustainable livelihood. Samasta Microfinance extends micro loans to such women, enable them to involve in income-generating activities for a better living. From the financial assistance received from Samasta, women have ventured into tailoring, papad making, setting up fruit /vegetable stalls & petty shops, etc.

Samasta’s Field Welfare Officers train women members in financial aspects of life, create awareness on health, hygiene and education for the members’ wellbeing. Samasta members can opt for health insurance to financially cover them in the event of expenses arising out of unexpected illness.

Samasta has recently introduced product bases top-up loans, which helps the members in day to day household work. The loans introduced in the Top-up segment were for:

1.Water purifiers

2.Dairy Cattle, etc.

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